I need some help with Legal advice.. i was charged with retail fraud.?

Thursday i was charged with retail fraud over a .99 cent bag of potato chips. I went into the party store to buy some chips, opened them while waiting in line to pay for them, and when i went to pull out my wallet to get my debit card i realized that I had left my debit card at the bar. The guy then immediately called the cops and I was charged with 3rd degree retail fraud. I’m just a little confused because I thought that in order for it to constitute as retail fraud I had to have an intention to steal. I even asked the guy behind the counter if i could call one of my friends to get a dollar to pay for it but he did not listen
Had a BAC of .21
It occurred in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
I’m 23 years old
I didn’t try arguing with him either.. i was completely cooperative.

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