I need some legal advice. The neighborhood I live in is high on crime. On a monday morning my brother woke me?

morning my brother woke me up at 5am yelling caulk 911 because it was a fire in the back alley, so my friend dial 11 and all of us ran outside to see what was going on, when we got to the back alley we notice there was a vehicle on fire, and finally when the fire department workers hade arrived and seen the fire they started spraying th the water hose. I was so scared and shaking because I thought someone was in the vehicle, because it hade seem like someone hade a accident, but to getto the story that I need a question on is this. The police officer hade ask me and my brother for our name ad we gave him our name, and then ask us what happen. I told him I didn’t know because my brother hade woke me up, then my brother told the officer first it sound like he heard someoe running, then a bomb noise so he looked out his bedroom window and seen the fire. Next 4 days later the ower of thevehicle came to my home and ask me was I the person wo name on the paper where he hade gotten from the police station the paper was a incident reort wich the police hade written out, so I old the owne of the vehicle yes I was that person, o he ask me to read the paper and I did . T he paper hade my name and address on it . I did not know who this guy was and still dont know he is a complete stranger to me. I read the paper and it stated that I told the 911 worker that I heard the owner and his cousin talking about setting the vehicle on fie ad I saw the owner setting the vehicle on fire with my whole name and address on it, and that is how he owner of the vehicle know my name and know where I live. The pape also stated that the insurance company is going though a investagation before they will be able to relese anything, and if they find out that this is fraud they will take action, and that is what the oner of the veicle is worried about, and I dont know wqhat he is capable of doing. Someone please help me.

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