I need some quick legal advice pertaining to fraud Please.?

Unfortunately my fiance’s father passed away in April and there was a life insurance policy she was unaware that her and her mother were listed as the sole beneficiaries on the policy. He fathers ex business partner know about the policy and arranged a meeting saying they were entitled to some money from this insurance policy. So at the lunch he offered my fiance and her mother ,000 each to sign a non recourse letter and provide a certified copy of the death certificate which my fiance had in her possession. Mind you this was before my fiance and her mother knew anything about this policy. He made it sound like they were not entitled to anything and he was doing this as a favor in memory of my fiance’s late father. My fiance requested that she look at a copy of this policy to which the "gentleman" said shouldn’t be a problem. He never sent any insurance papers and made no contact until he called my fiance, yelling at her saying he was fed up with the situation and his final offer was to be 0,000 to each my fiance and her mother. At this point we became suspicious and upon further investigation we found the policy was through a reputable insurance agency and the quickly sent a copy of the policy. Here we find out that the policy is for 0,000 and the only beneficiaries listed are my fiance and her mother and this gentleman in question who was harassing my fiance was never even on the policy.
Sorry for long winded story but to me it seems as though the gentleman in question was willfully and knowingly attempting to defraud my fiance and her mother out of a very large sum of money. Is there are legal course of action that my fiance and her mother can take against this sleazeball?
I just want to say that my future mother-in-law and my fiance’s father have been divorced and his new wife was handling the probating of the will in which my fiance seems to have completely gotten cut out of.

The guy in question made it seem like the payment had to go through him, and there has been a lot of emotional pain and suffering on the part of my fiance since the initial meeting.

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