I need to take to a Lawyer?

I am chemist and I have a lab in my house. I am also working on my PhD so I am affiliate with a university.
Sometimes I get chemicals by calling a company that supplies lab reagent and ask them for a "sample" of a particular compound. I tell them my name and the university that I am affiliated with but when they ask me for the address I give them my own, home address instead of the university address, thus the samples come to my house. I can not say it is a "home" address as many of these companies have "policies" not to send to a private resedential. I do not manufacture any illegal material ie. explosives, drugs, etc.
Could this be considered fraud? can I be liable to any civil and/or criminal penalties?
I am not "cheating" these companies, am I?
Sometimes they do ask for the "address of the university" I just give them my own

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