I need to talk to a lawyer or something for my son?

My son was taken form me by my ex, it’s her son too, but without me knowing she took him, moved out, lied about having a job so she wouldn’t have time to let me see him, she committed some kind of welfare fraud with my son being on her parent’s taxes while they collected benefits from our case or w.e, and I need to know if I can hold stuff against her in court, Idk if telling them she took him without me knowing will do anything, I haven’t seen my son in over a month, and keeps saying she’s bringing me to court and it hasn’t happened yet, going there tomorrow so if any lawyers or anyone knows what I can say to see my son and possibly put her in jail plz do tell, She was a lying, cheating and over all horrible person who use to do drugs, had an abortion, started having sex with about 7 guys starting at the age of 14 – 17, and I really hope she can go to jail, really in my opinion for the things she’s done she deserves it, I for one never did anything bad illegally or to her or my son, please I need some kind of help on this, She already has a replacement father, my son is 4 months old and was taken away from me by a slut… I didn’t get to see him yet since she said she was taking him to her parents to visit…

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