I recently was unknowingly lured into an Amway seminar…..what a joke. Evil company?

The lady I met was so nice and friendly, said she’d help get me a job and boom. 25 minutes into the seminar they started talking about the company, instant pyramid scheme in my mind. And I was right, what an evil company! Reading on the web that they donate tens of millions to the Republican party, Christian conservative "values" in all places of the company (we’re not talking Chic fil A here, we’re talking a little cult- like), ……..they censor public information for CHRIST’S SAKE! Been involved in countless lawsuites regarding the basic legality of the company (turns out it’s BARELY legal, but that’s coming from a country of Citizens United and indefinate detention so, who really cares), guilty of fraud and tax evasion, slandering Proctor&Gamble calling their CEO’s Satanists (they were actually sued for this, and lost), and the lady wanted me to give her a list of my friends. Pyramid 101.

I encourage everyone reading this to star the question, so that you can come back and see how many Amway drone comments there are. They shut down individuals’ websites that dissent with the company, and then, flood the ones they can’t shut down with an amazing amount of comments. Wikipedia provides the info, and the other site…….just read some of the comments from "anon".


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