I reported tax fraud, what next?

Back in October I submitted the simple IRS tax fraud form off the website and mailed it in. I reported fraud against my ex fiance, who for 2-3 years has been claiming 2 kids from mexico with US ss#’s. He has no association with these kids, does not know them. He collects the money than gives 0 back to each family. I gave the IRS this information, granted I have no clear documented proof of my own, I’ve seen his return forms, I’ve seen the SS #’s and he plans to do it again this year (with no knowledge that I reported him) … I gave the IRS his information, what I’ve seen and his SS# … ect.

What I want to know is what happens next? I assume they are not going to contact me, but I am curious as to see if they are waiting for him to file or it just takes a little while or what are they chances that they are even GOING to do anything? Is there another approach I should take?

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