I think Dr BD Wong in law and order SVU is hypocritical and closed minded in the episode hardwired?

This episode opened my mind. I believe they should have the Freedom of expressing themselves and I support Jack McClellan for being honest. I know it is fiction,but that’s how a lot of psychologist and psychiatrist think they are the know it all. He said "pseudo-science like this insults my intelligence as a psychiatrist and my humanity as a gay man" when his field of psychiatry is medical fraud and pseudoscience as well. Homosexuality also use to be considered a mental illness.I am anti psychiatry and psychology. I don’t think Kevin O’Donnell the leader of the organization is the evil guy I think the step dad that abused his step son is the evil guy and deserves the harshest sentence.The boy cries saying his step father raped him because of this guy and it was not love.It is his step dad’s fault not O’Donnell.O’Donnell didn’t abuse the 11 year old girl like the father did it was mutual and she grew up to be a healthy women and was not traumatized and certainly was not brainwashed like Dr Wong claims.I am a law student aiming to be a defense lawyer by the way.
Sorry Dr. George Huang
I got mixed up between the charecter and actors name.

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