I think my friend is being taken advantage of by an Immigration lawyer?

I have a friend who came form Armenia on a tourist visa and never left. (Bad Idea I know, I know!., but he is an incredible human!) He has been trying to get any sort of legal status for the past 3 years.

Almost 3 years later, and 6000 dollars in legal fees. He still doesn’t have anything, not even a student visa. No ID card. Squat. He went to a hearing recently and was denied his drivers license and was told the next hearing for him wouldn’t be until December 2012!!

He’s a stand up guy, no record, community leader type guy.

My question is…is his lawyer a fraud? is this normal? 6k almost, 3 years. Absolutey no progress on even obtaining any sort of identification. This guy has no real support in the states besides his elderly grandfather and myself. And I am just learning of his situation myself. He can’t work or go to school. He would do just about anything to take care of his grandpa, but he is stuck with a lawyer that may not know what he is doing…

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