I turned myself in to Obama's fascist Website, how about you? Everyone turn themselves in! What will they do?

Subject: I say this, you stinking fascist maggots! KISS MY FORKING ***! COME GET ME! NOW **** YOU! NOW!

You know Obama wants you to turn me in for telling you Democrats deliberately ran up health care to take over?
That’s right, Obama wants you to turn me in, what do you think they will do to me? I can only say to them, come get some you pieces of crap.

This is against the law in the US, expressly against the law to keep track of free speech and those who spoke it.

The backers of the leftists who are in control now not only deliberately run up health care expenses by turning loose lawyers to sue over any little thing, and making frivolous law suits come with no penalty so people and lawyers just roll the dice all the time in law suits with no down side. Even if there is no merit often medical providers just pay up to save the costs of litigation.

They also deliberately made Medicare and Medicaid easy to steal from, conducive to fraud, to drive up costs.

They also made Medicaid and Medicare available to illegal aliens, and forced Hospitals to treat anyone without recompense from the government who mandated it, to drive up costs. Made it wide spread, and pushed down on the price they pay for treatment, so that the medical providers would have to overcharge those left, especially those without insurance who just get raped.

The democrats also stop legislation that would allow competition between insurance companies in different states, to destroy competition and drive up the cost. There are people living 20 miles from each other, and one has to pay 40% more for the same exact coverage. Why would they do that? The goals are obvious by the obvious target of the results of their actions.

These are all actions the Democrats have taken, which is obviously, in my considered opinion (after years of looking for answers why, coming to light in consideration of these things implemented by the Obama administration) to drive up the cost of health care in the most vile Machiavellian way imaginable, so that they could take over.

And that’s not the only thing. They destroyed the economy using fuel as a weapon to trigger the bomb democrats set up in the mortgage based securities market. When you see what actions they have taken, you can see that plan plain as day.

There is so much more.

Now they are buying off groups like AARP to do things which are totally against their members best interests. As the president is using advirors like Rahm Immanuels brother, Ezekial, Cass Sunstien, and the medical Czar what’s their name? who Each advocate limiting health care to the very old and very young, denying expensive treatments that many old people require, to cut costs way down. These people are sick, and they see people as live stock, but of course all of this wouldn’t apply to Government officials, they are better than us live stock.

They are also using the green movement to help destroy the economy, not because they care about the environment more than anyone else, but in order to destroy the economy and put in their own people, their own Oligarchy as they did with the Auto Companies when they stole them and gave them to their friends, and used our tax money to pump those friends of theirs up.

So much more, you better investigate for yourself and you can’t trust TV or the entertainment industry because they are all thick as thieves and getting your resources as payment, like GE which owns NBC got a big ol government contract and is expecting many more.

They go after everyone, especially media, who speaks out against them and work to ruin them.

They vilify those who don’t agree with them and paint them as evil people.

They say all those who complain are backed by the rich republicans, when that is exactly how the democrats work, sending out Acorn and Unions after AIG executives, driving them by their homes on a bus, making them fear for their lives, and threatening the bond holders of GM debt who were legally in first place into giving up their legal position, same with Chrysler.

It doesn’t matter if you are a republican or democrat, I am neither and I don’t like either. You better start paying attention or your behind will be in the soup, just like everyone else. Look what Obama did to those black DC school kids who had vouchers to get them better and so much safer schooling, he just had them jerked away even though they saved about 40% on education costs and provided excellent education in stead of terribly substandard and dangerous education.

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