I wouldn't be surprised if Kerry deliberately did that to hurt the dems on election day to provide an excuse

why dems lose on election day when they again steal and rig the election for the republicans. It looks less suspicious than an October surprise coming from the reps to use a skull and bones dem.

Although I worrked my butt off for him in 2004, after he conceded and sat on 50 million of the people’s money and donated not a cent or lawyer to the recount, I realized my suspiciom was confirmed in my own mind that he was actually chosen to run by those in charge and that his job actually to throw the election to Bush.

I bet he is in on the fraud this time too..that weasel.
sorry forgot th quesion..do you think this is possible?
edit–you (a poster) have no idea what I do for the dems. I am an extreme activists donating many, mnay hours to candidates and democratic actism..duruing the primaris, I, as a new activist zeroxed 3500 pages on my own mony and distributed them reaching well over 3000 people in 3 days. I am a tireless worker for voting rights and peace going to washington and new york 4 times, I have informed many people of things that benefit the dems and vote straight party ticket, work th polls, etc. How dare you say I do nothing. I know I have done more than you. I will never stay home and not vote as long as I have breathe in me. I have voted every election but 2 minor ones for the last 35 years. Just becuase I am expressing an opinion is no reason for people to be insulting.

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