If a U.S. born female marries a man who lies about his status & intentions, can she be held responsible?

She never signed any INS forms, the marriage never even got beyond the ceremony, because the groom disappeared & had no contact with the broken hearted girl until he decided to contact her apx 6 months later to tell her to sign his paperwork so he could stay in the US as a student & keep his job! She never even saw her marriage license, but after I helped her to get a copy from the California County Courthouse, she then had his full name & address. She has no money for an annulment. What can she do to break free from this burden. His family is protecting his whereabouts & offered money to have the INS paperwork signed! She refused & wants nothing to do with this fraud of a man, yet she is legally married to him. What should she do? She is hiding from this man & his family of pressure freaks! It happened over 3 years ago & the INS will not help or give her a status report on his deportation status. Does she need a Lawyer? She just want to break free of this mess!
ttpawpaw….The GROOM is the one who left. She would NOT take the money & after he lied to & abandoned her, she refused to take the next step!
FYI…Indonesians! Lots of money & very strange people!

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