IF politicians truly cared about business ethics…why dont they make it stick with laws?

why the charade of constantly giving these crooked business …and we know they are crooked and have larceny in their heats…..why do these politicians give them latitude to make more bad decisions that are against the country’s interests…stealing from tax payers ..and then come back later trying to shame them and say what they should have done?

If they wanted the bailout money to not go to bonuses…why did they simply not put it in black and white and say so?

I am tired of the games…..this feels like a scam….it was a scam with the first bailout and subsequent bailouts are scams too…

Look at AIG..they are even given the bailout money to foreign firms and still planning to give huge bonuses..
I am tired of hearing politicians blaming the business execs when the politicians could have forced them to act right with laws.

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