Illinois child support question?

this guy i work with got a divorce in 2006 and he was ordered to pay child support which he says he does.. he gets it taken right out of his check or he has proof and because his ex wife started this thing because she was on public aid that the state takes it right out of his check. well in 2008 she wanted to marry another guy and have him adopt my friends daughter. he agreed(long story) the mom was suppose to go back to court to show they started the adoption but never did and my friend is still paying child support and the judge said that his visitation rights were suspended.. but come to find out his ex wife left state with the kid and dint not have permission and is still using the state agency even though she doesnt live in state.. he wants to pay but he wants it to go to his kid and now have his ex fraud the state..

what should he do?

he wants to know if he calls the illinois child support place and tell them she moved or go back to court even though he doesnt know her address or what


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