I'm going to court for check fraud, what to expect?

I wrote 4 checks from one of my banks to another one of my banks. The checks totaled ,125. I knew there wasn’t enough money to cover the checks at the time. The account the checks were from was closed as well. This will be my first offense. The detective told me I should see probation and community service for the four counts of fraud and theft, but everything I read says jail time for this type of crime.

The detective told me none of this would matter but to make a long story short we were expecting money to come in for a therapy for our daughter (Hyperbaric oxygen therapy) that we had been approved funding for. We paid for the therapy out of pocket ahead of time, but when the money didn’t come in (at Christmas time) I panicked. My husband wasn’t even making enough to pay the mortgage so I took out the full amount to cover mortgage and christmas. I didn’t know the bank I wrote the checks from had closed my account, although I knew there wasn’t any money in it. 5 months later and we are still pending to receive that funding. Now the bank has refused anything less than the full amount to stay out of court. I have two disabled children at home one that needs 24 hour protective supervision (deemed by IHSS) from hurting herself (Severe Autism). I can’t afford a lawyer but I can not go to jail. I have offered to pay 0 a month back but the bank turned it down. Any advice would be appreciated on how to avoid jail time.

Thank you. (I am in the state of California)

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