I'm trying to find answers regarding medical histories stored by insurance companies for a disability case.?

Who stores medical histories for insurance companies? Who can access such info? Can my doctor; can I in all cases?

Say an insurance company, such as Prudential, knows more about my risks than I did ~ when I purchased life insurance ~. Does a company, like like a large insurance company, keep this info if one kept even part of the money from that insurance policy in their hands, after a corporate reshuffling that left one without life insurance?

Or does such an insurance company hide behind neoconservative legal opinion that states a company can virtually do whatever it wants to?

I know they keep all the records they can, so-as to be able to debate the merits of a claim in court and keep fraud down.

The question is, who, what, when, where and why not give access?

Seriously, my ex is a psyche nurse.

A very large sum of money went missing.

I perhaps cannot prove I even had said cash without access to medical records.

The psyche hospital she worked at has repeatedly "helped her case".

And I’m perhaps facing deadbeat dad law federal jail time after several incidences of attempted murder in jail for both civil law (deadbeat dad) and procedural law "violations" (I’m a squealer, yup, couldn’t be quiet after the truth serum / head-wounds).

If insurance companies can help prove employment (never worked for the law without being hurt BAD) then why do I have this problem?

Can’t someone help?
Why do people naturally assume if "law" is the problem, law is the answer? Cause to me, going whole hog on the eggs in a basket thing seems A TAD silly. If lawyers want to be judges (AND MANY DO) or lawyers want to win cases (AND ALL MIGHT VERY WELL, ASIDE OF COURSE FROM PUBLIC DEFENDERS), then they might want to pander to the political mindlessness that put them in office (THE JUDGES BENCHES ARE FOR SALE ~ FOR JUDGEMENTS BASED ON POLITICAL RHETORIC RATHER THAN LAW, OBVIOUSLY ~ CAUSE YOU CAN’T GET TO DEADBEAT DAD UNLESS ONE FORGETS WE HAVE A CONSTITUTION, WHICH THE COURTS HAVE DONE).

So the question is: given I’ve an old medical history / job history that is poorly doccumented, how do I get around the silly court notion that I must prove my case or face real and substancial jail time at hard labor if I can’t "prove" I’m a cripple, to a "family court" wherein no lawyer will be on my side (not even a laughable public defender) and the court’s presumption is "guilt by lazyness" ?
In family court, the standard is "civil law". This means whatever is assumed to be better than 50% "likely" is cause for a "finding" that that "more likely" thing is the fact of the matter.

For instance, many political judiciaries who call themselves Constitutionalists consider it 50% more likely a liberal works only 50% as hard as he might, and impute incomes accordingly.

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