Immigration fraud PLZ HELP?

I know of someone who married a US Citizen and is currently separated from him…they have been separated since 2008 and now its time to file the i751 and shes filing jointly, she send in all necessary paperwork to prove thats shes still living with her married spouse..when infact she doesn’t..(The only thing that she don’t have is recent photos cause they are not together).Spoke to the married Spouse which is my cousin and ask why is he commiting fraud, he said he wants to be able to see his daughter and for her to stay into the United States..My question is if she has her own apartments and has a address can INS figure that out?….Even though they are separated she still have all her mail comming to her husbands house…He is doing this all for his daughter…I think this is wrong but if My cousin agrees to this fearing thjat hes never going to see his child again theres nothing much that can be done to prove that woman is a witch….Do you think that Immigration can figure this witch out?

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