In Washington State is it fraud if a married woman uses her maiden name to get Section 8 and food stamps.?

I know a lady who was married and had 4 children by two different men. Her older children by one man and her younger children by her ex-husband. On all four birth certificates she claimed that she had no idea who either of the fathers of the children were in spite of the fact that she never had any doubt about who the fathers were and both fathers assisted her with supporting their children.
This lady knowingly withheld this information from all state and government agencies for at least 18 years in order to get welfare benefits and section 8 . She has been able to get court ordered child support from both fathers as well and does not allow either father to claim their children. She currently has a boyfriend that lives with her who is a felon released approx 1 year ago, her oldest son 28 years old, youngest son 23 years old oldest daughter 13 and her youngest daughter 12.
Has this lady committed any crimes? Is she the only one that is liable for any fines or penalties due to the fact that she was never under any duress or pressures and willingly falsified any necessary documents in order to get free benefits from the government and state? Who should this lady be reported to? What are her possible penalties?

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