Insurance fraud?

This guy hit me from behind while my car was not in motion. We called the police and exchanged insurance info. I made a claim under his insurance. The insurance admitted their client was at fault. However, that guy is trying to make a claim under my insurance. He is making inconsistent false statements to both insurance companies. He stated to his insurance that i made a sudden stop which caused him to hit me. He stated to my insurance that he was hit from behind which caused him to hit me from behind. He has damage to his front bumper because he hit me from behind. He wants "damages" fixed from his rear bumper from when the supposed other car that hit him from behind. However, another car was not involved nor did he approach the car behind him for insurance information. I am sure my insurance will determine he is lying through their investigation but i’m still worried he will some how get away with it.

Should i get legal representation? What should i do? Help please. i live in tx.

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