Is a Parent fit if he/she involves a child in fraud?

Scenario – child applying for financial aid with assistance from one parent. All financial information pertaining to the family is supposed to be included. The parent purposely hides information and the child is aware of what has been omitted and knows it should be included. This causes a calculation of the expected family contribution score to be low enough that the child can receive a grant of federal funds that covers all tuition, books, and fees plus additional funds for living expenses which is received by the child and doesn't have to be repaid. They both signed the application and in doing so are saying all required information has been provided. The grant is approved and the funds are given to the child. The parent also lets the child know that there is nothing to worry about indiating that a person in the child's situation will not be looked at so there will be no reprecussions for not providing all required information. Was this parent right or wrong; is this a fit parent?

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