Is Crime necessary for the success of capitalism and why?

It is said that crime does not pay, but this is only true for the individuals caught committing crime. Crime reduces the price of goods when the goods are stolen. Bankers and CEO’s benefit when they steal from and defraud investors. Pyramid scams make others millions. Smuggling, prostitution and drugs have built banks, communities and cities. Politicians are made on the fruits of financial corruption. Crime is needed for insurance companies to collect theft and fraud premiums, Without crime there would be less need for a criminal justice system that includes: crime schools, security guards, government agents, police officers, correctional officers, judges, lawyers and probation officers and the resources they require, i.e., uniforms, guns, cars, radar guns, helicopters, planes, computers, real estate, etc. Unemployment roles would sky rocket without such employment which would reduce market consumption. Crime has built so much. What would we do without Las Vegas?
Certain crimes are "white collar" crimes while other crimes are "blue collar" crimes. White Collar criminals even when caught most of the time get a slap on the wrist, benefit hugely and profit still. The Blue Collar criminal, well who cares depending on the crime committed.

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