Is it fraud & can I file charges?

I recently had a surgeon turn me over to a collections agency after being his uninsured patient for over 8 years, during which he performed 7 surgeries for various chronic medical conditions including colon cancer. I stopped being his patient last year when he demanded a 25% deposit for surgery to remove a tumor, which I still have growing steadily in my upper abdomen. He knows I cannot get health insurance due to my pre-existing conditions & history of cancer, & until that time I was making small monthly payments on my account & he understood I was paying what I could afford.
Yesterday, I received a letter from a collections agency stating they would be pursuing my account total due in an amount nearly 00 more than what my most recent statement from the surgeon states I owe.
What I want to know is, is this fraud? Can he legally request an amount more than what I actually owe? What can I do to protect myself?

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