Is it fraud if someone purposefully used your mailing address as their own without permission?

The person who did this gave our family trouble before, two years ago he wanted to go out with sister, she said no, so he phoned social services on her and said she was a bad mother… Long story, but yeah, there’s some bad blood between us.

Today, some of his mail, possibly containing a credit card, was sent to our post office box. The lady working told my mother to go home and put it in an envelop with the companies address on it and mail it back. Somebody ended up telling him about it, and he phoned the RCMP, and the Fraud department or something, and all these different places, and is now trying to charge my mother…

Okay, isn’t it illegal in the first place to use somebody else’s PO Box knowingly? And the envelop wasn’t even opened. And apparently we can’t even get him in trouble about it for some reason, but he’s trying to charge us? I think it should be deemed harassment or something because with what happened two years ago he would not stop calling and spreading lies and trying to get my sisters friends to turn away from her… He even almost got her son taken away.

I know it might seem like I’m spazzing out about this situation and everything, but he really is not a nice person and especially with our past with him… It just feels like that all over again.

We live in Canada, if that helps.

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