Is it fraud if the divorce papers I received in the mail have all false information on them?

My divorce papers came in the mail. On them stated that I was married in 2007 at that time I was only 16 I didn’tt even know her at the time. It also stated TONS of other false information. Can my ex-wife or the lawyer go to jail for that? Or both of them? Is it fraud?
I don’t have a lawyer yet however i am talking to one. and no I married because i was going into the military and by the time i got out there was cheating going on. I need to know if its fraud if not im not gonna waste my time fighting over the papers…ill just go along with them but if it is fraud there’s no way im gonna let it slide…plus if I do just go along with the date she says we got married then she gets alimony…Im NOT gonna let that happen…JUST please tell me is it fraud or not?
Okay so either way im going to try and fight over the papers but just tell me if its fraud pleaseee!

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