Is it marriage fraud to marry a stranger overseas. If you really intend to make a life-commitment.?

It would involve getting a citizenship.

I do not view it as lying if you really intend to marry the individual and have babies and so on.

Like if your friends hook you up or you meet on a mail order bride or internet dating site.

BUT you never met the person face to face until less than 24 hours before your wedding.

The other person might want the citizenship but you want to get married to them for real so is it Fraud.

How do governments generally view such marriages if you REALLY intend to marry the person, but they would like U.S. citizenship?

Do you think such a situation would risk legal prosecution even though there is nothing unethical intended by the American?

Marrying strangers is a time honored custom in Muslim, Jewish and Asian cultures. So none of that stuff bad-mouthing people who marry strangers or else you will reduce your chance of getting best answer.

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