Is it possible for a Canadian with no family in the US to move to the US?

Hi I’m a 14 year old Canadian teenager and I really want to move to the US in the future so that I can work with LAPD or NYPD or MDPD etc. Now, the only family that I have in the States are my aunt, my uncle, and my cousin, who lives in California. As far as I know, only direct relatives (Mom, Dad, Sibling, Grandparents) are allowed to sponsor someone to live in the US. And since I plan to work with a Police Department in the future, I don’t think an Employment change to the US would work. Is my only way to move to the States is to marry an American citizen? (Don’t worry I won’t commit marriage fraud)

Please help as I would really want to move to the USA in the future.

And please, no comments about why I don’t want to stay in Canada. the government here is a bit too crap at fixing things other than the economy

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