is it tax fraud or not?

A friend of mine does dishes in her mothers home for 50 dollars a week.Mind you its only a cpl cups and a pan and maybe a fork.She has one child she could claim.Now a friend of hers went on turbo tax to do a refund for her…She had no ww2 or anything to back up what she does.And what a surprise to learn that she is getting 4 grand back for a refund.How is this possible?shes been doing this for 2 years now..Could i do dishes for someone for 50 a week and then get a refund like that?wont the irs catch on?Im a little curious….and if it is fraud,what are the penalties?
I am giving all the details..This friend is my best friend and not very smart.she had another mutual friend do her so called income online.I am looking out for my friend.I need to know before I tell her the facts so she does not get in trouble.

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