Is it true Great Britain once got black mailed by the Saudis?

Is it true that the "Great" in Great Britain was taken out when the Saudis threatened to pull out of all business and military deals with the UK when the serious fraud office wanted to investigate claims of corruption stemming from the Saudi Arms deals with the UK?

I mean who decides which case can be stopped? I mean as the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) belongs to the Queen do you think she said to the prosecutors "Lets turn a blind eye to this case in case these Saudis take all their money home and starve Great Britian"

So is the moral of the story that if you have enough money you can blackmail one of the most powerful countries on earth?

So if a Saudi prince came over to London and sexually molested someone do you think they may pick up the phone and speak directly to the Queen and ask her to drop the case or else?

I mean its not just Britain is it that has been cowtowing or cowered by these desert tribes who have usurped that whole land brimming of oil and named it after themselves have they?

Its also America when the Saudis said we are not going to help you in the 9-11 investigations?

So dont you think its high time we moved our military South wards from Iraq and show them who the real boss of the whole region is ??

I mean we sure walloped Saddam and the Taliban but how can we let them Saudis humilate us like that by blackmailing us?

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