Is there a status of limitation on Medi-cal Fraud?

A quit claim deed transferred real property from one party to an executrices so that the equity of the real property would not be used for the owner’s medical bills. The family was told that there was a will executed by the original owner of the property to be disseminate to the owner’s children in the event of death.

The original owner has pass away and the executrices has now claims that the total estate including the real property is all hers.

There is no record of the will in probate court or records, but prior to the death of the original owner the family had seem the will and has knowledge of the contents of the will, but the original copy was taken by the executrices; family members who were willed the property have maintained the property according to the wishes of the owner as well as paid taxes and property insurance. At the time of the transfer no one questioned the executrices because she is a family member.

Now, she has claimed that the documents that are required to prove she commented fraud are buried and time has given her the rights to the property and she transferred it to her two adult children.

The medi-cal documents were completed sometime in 1993 and the owner passed 12 years ago. The property had been transferred in segments co-owners they the original owner need major medical surgery so the entire property was transfer to the executrices now the family is concern that they have lost the gift of their mother and will be responsible for any accrued debt that will have to be paid back.

Also, is this one crime or two?

So, is there a status of limitation? I have researched the Medi-cal website but it does not cover what is fraud nor does it state a limitation.

Thank you for real answers.
In answer to your question the family has continue to ask the executrices for the will, but she has claimed that it did not exist no one knew who the attorney was who wrote the will but a lead was found but the attorney has stated that the deceased only made inquiries about a will and they did not have it filed. The same attorney mentioned that the probate does not began until it get filed in probate court so an appointment has been made, because it is believed that the cost of the medi-cal is more than the property is worth.

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