is there a way to obtain medical records from somebodys past? it is to help me w/ a court case?

ok now i have a relative that is severly manic depressed and bipolar, and i am concerned about her well being because she has really gone off the deep end and put a restraining order on me, she obviously lied to the judge to have him sign it. now im going to see a lawyer about this tomorrow, but i do know that she has been hospitalized twice for psychiatric reasons, she has also been arrested for credit card theft and fraud.
now im not trying to get her back or anything but i am concerned about her state of mind as she does not take medication for her illness, and for the safety of me and my children and husband.
the medical records are from when she was hospitalized, only thing is both facilities have been closed down for quite some time now, and the thing with her getting arrested, i dont know how to do this as well.
but the judge needs to know that these are false accusations, and before i go present this to the judge i would like to have all my ducks in a row, be calm, and prepared.
any help and advice would be much obliged
oh yes she is my mother by the way, i dont know if this helps or makes matters worse
thankyou again for your time
oh no i am far from even trying to take advantage of her, she has done this to my other sister as well, and the whole reason behind it is that i turned her into the state welfare office because if ound out she was using my address to get extra welfare, i also turned her in to ssi for not taking care of my younger brother properly, ( the next day she did the restraining order on me) she also does not like the fact that i am married to a hispanic man, she turned him into ins, even tho he is legal, she did it regardless and also called my daughter a beaner baby!
so trust me i don’t want anything to do with this woman, she has caused me nothing but grief and heartache, also i have not lived with her since i was 17, she kicked me out because she wanted me to pay 300 extra dollars rent a month, i was already paying 300, the mortgage was only 799, plus i bought groceries, cleaned, cooked and took care of my younger brother and sister, while she was out partying til 3 am or later every night
oh yes i am also 30

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