Is there any defense against a frivolous ADA Scam lawsuit?

The business I work for is a small Mom and Pop auto parts store. They are being sued by a group of attorney’s that sue for a fictitious Disabled Plaintiff being discriminated against at our business. They served 100 small businesses in my area for exactly the same thing. All of our court papers are exact duplicate charges for all of the folks we have compared papers with. When we talked with others we found out that our businesses were targeted by drive by and photos by the attorneys investigator. We were never even visited by a disabled person. We also found out that 6 months ago the same law firm sued 100 or so other small businesses in the next city from here.

We are very handicap friendly here and have a handicap parking with access.

But we are in California and the specs for Disabled compliance apparently allows them to find fault with 99% of all locations no matter how compliant you have tried to be.

The clincher is that attorney’s are willing settle out of court for cash.
What we have been told is this is a form of legal extortion!

Oh and we have already checked fixing all of the violations will not protect us from the civil damage award we will still have to pay.

Is there anyway for a small business owner to fight this unjust attack?

Oh also the legal fees to represent us in this matter will exceed the 00 hush money the attorney’s are willing to settle for.

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