Is this an accurate summary of the war on terror?

Foresight of terror attack is ignored.

Ex-Halliburton CEO makes alarming revelation: Saddam was behind 9/11.

Texas oilman invades oil-rich country to… oh… it’s anybody’s guess.

U.S. corporation Halliburton accepts cost-plus, no-bid contract to feed and house troops.

Texas oil man uses fear to push agendas for four years while Iraq burns. Thousands die.

Army outsources care of wounded at Walter Reed to… Halliburton. Halliburton makes record profits. Halliburton stock triples.

The U.S. Inspector General for Iraq charges Halliburton with massive fraud in light of 2.7 billion missing dollars. Halliburton decides to moves its corporate headquarters to Dubai.

Congress wakes up and starts asking questions. Ex Halliburton CEO makes alarming revelation: Congress hates the troops.

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