Is This Food Stamp Fraud?

OK so my mom does not work at all, and she does not speak English. My mom went to the hospital to see a friend’s grandpa, and told me to call social service to check on why they did not give us food stamp. My mom’s cousin pays for all of her bills. Im only 15 years old, and the lady asked me wheres your mother? i said shes at work by accident because im so used to saying that when my mom is not home. Then I said, "no shes at her friends house looking after their kids" and the lady said" oh so shes babysitting?"Then she said " i heard that im going to file a fraud report on you by tommrow" ….so what do I do now????!she said she is going to deny our food stamp and file a fraud for somthing my mom did not even do. My mom was not even at her friend’s looking after the kid. She was in the hospital, but i THOUGHT she was… How do I get this to work out? Im so frustrated, how do I explain to the lady that my mom was not in work? it just slipped out of my mouth? Whats going to happen now? Is my mom going to go to jail for fraud? or have to go to court and pay a lot of money for something she did not do? and for a minor child like me said the wrong thing because she didn’t know what was going on?? OMG HELP ME!! My mom wont even talk to me any moree! what do i doo??

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