Is this Fraud, what should I do?

I just read a question very similar to mine..concerning a letter with a check I got in the mail…It is from Safeco Insurance Group…which I looked up online and they are affliated with Liberty Mutual. Also on the check is The Northern Trust Company..which is also legit….The letter tells me that I won in a Consumers Promotional Draw and that I have to talk to a claims agent to receive my winnings. Her name is Laura Walton and that I have a tax agent also that the tax amount is 4,772.00 and is payable to Daniel Magnan. The check I received is 4,982.00. Now, this letter and the check both contain HUGE Corporate names…is that legal? Is this real? Can’t Walmart, Target and Safeco Insurance sue? If all these people are getting these letters…than how are these people not getting in trouble if it is B.S.??? Please someone help..

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