Is this legal can these people get help?

There is something going on with someone I know, a man and his wife. (From Tulare County, California). They need some legal help. Apparently they are being accused of fraud. The man, James, has been collecting disability and his wife was getting paid to take care of him. Which is legal. It was an arrangement w/ Social Security after James’ brain surgery, which left him disabled back in 1998. They didn’t get arrested but were given papers, Thurs. April 1st, to go to court on Friday, April 2nd, to plead guilty or not guilty of fraud. The court or administrative law judge told them they face from 3 to 20 years for fraud because they have pictures of James driving a vehicle and some of him lifting his wife. I don’t know but it sounds like an administrative hearing to decide whether or not they want to take it to trial. They have been given separate public pretenders (I mean defenders) and aren’t allowed to know anything about the other’s cases…They need legal advice and have no money. Does anyone know of any programs out there that is designed to help people with legal troubles that have no money? (Porterville, California – Tulare County area). They could get a lot of jail time for a simple misunderstanding. They don’t know who to tell about the doctor’s giving him a disability rating and such. It seems their public defenders are lazy and wants the government to win the case and they are very scared. James has to go through this alone and he is unable to comprehend or defend himself because his disability is from brain damage. Can anyone help? This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? What should they do? Thanks to anyone that can help this poor couple.
He is "mentally disabled, but has a few "good days" just not in a row. I’ve seen "retarded people do things every once in a while. I was just wondering if anyone is from that area and knew anything.

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