Is this Medicare fraud? What will happen to me for this mistake?

2 years ago I became the emergency legal guardian for my mother because my brother was using his power of attorney to steal things from her.

I admitted her into the nursing home and filled out a form of her assets. I knew she had a funeral policy that she had paid for 30 years. I didn’t know that it had a cash out value of ,000. I’ve been paying on it since she was admitted to the nursing home to cover her funeral. Now she is very ill and going to die. I took the policy to her state appointed guardian and he says that by not giving him that policy sooner I have committed medicare fraud and that the state will NOT pay any of her nursing home and medical costs because I signed the paper not listing it as her asset. He told me that the state will sue me for the value of her medical costs! And now I go to jail! For this funeral policy!

Please help any good advice. I’m not sure what to do. I didn’t know that it was an asset or I would have listed it. I was told by the guardian things to pay for her funeral were ok so I hadn’t reported it sooner. I wasn’t trying to keep anything from medicare. All this stress is added onto my mother being very ill. It’s making me very sick.

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