Is this welfare fraud?

A mother has a handicapped child who has nursing care for 49 hours a week. The child receives a SSI check, the mother is on Medicaid also, just like the child. The mother receives food stamps for herself, because the child is fed by a tube. The father is court ordered to pay child support of 600.00 a month, that DFCS is unaware of. What I would like to know is why does the child have medicaid. Shouldn’t the father be made to carry insurance on the child to cover the medical bills, and not the state paying all of them. Also the mother is a able body person who could work and not live off of the state, but she is too lazy to get a job. She has nursing care, so she could get a job, and not be a welfare case. Should I report this to DFCS. I feel this is welfare fraud.

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