Is this what Obama means by “change”?

1. He voted against the capping of credit card interest at 30% (because, he said later) he wanted the cap to be lower. But voting against the cap made the sky rather than 30% the limit. Only idiots will fall for such rhetoric. I believe McCain supported the bill. Hillary supported the bill as well.

2. He voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was stoked with major pay-offs, perks and goodies for the oil companies, and did nothing for consumer. McCain opposed the bill. Hillary also opposed it.

3. He voted for the FISA spy bill. (Hillary voted against it.) Starting to get the picture, neophyte liberal fools?

4. He voted for the bailout of Wall Street, which had nothing to do with saving the economy and everything to do with a massive transfer of public wealth from the majority, working-class citizens to the speculators on Wall Street largely responsible for their misery and home loss. Mind you, he supported and voted for the single largest legislative transfer of public funds to private interests in the history of the country. How is that "change we can believe in?" That’s change RHETORIC he can DECEIVE in.

5. He is the second largest recipient of funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

6. He has no coherent plan to address the economic crisis. He has no plans to rescue the actual homeowners facing foreclosure and bankruptcy. Instead, he only has plans for the rescue of the financial elite, the very parasites that preyed on American homeowners in the first place, and whose money will actually save these scoundrels.

7. He supports the reinstatement of the draft. Recent statements make this very clear

8. He will increase military spending.

9. He caved to nuclear power when crafting a bill to protect people in IL from radiation.

10. He never stands his ground. In fact, he has no ground. He abdicates before you can say "boo!" He’s easily frightened.

Obama is not the lesser of two evils. He may actually be worse because he will lull people to sleep, esp. liberals who think that he represents their interests….He in no way represents their interests–that is, unless they work on Wall Street or are corporate stock-holders or CEOs. That’s Obama’s true constituency, not the "people." Never has a fraud been so pulled over on the American public. Here’s a guy who says one thing and does quite the reverse, every single time. But the liberals who love him just care about the SOUNDS that he makes, rather than ACTION that he takes. The latter is all bad.

The bailout had NOTHING to do with saving the actual economy and everything to do with covering the gambling losses of the very financial parasites that caused the crisis and cost millions of Americans their homes. THAT IS NOT "CHANGE"–that’s more of the status quo, and in fact, WORSE than the status quo–it’s the largest transfer of public funds to private hands in the HISTORY OF OUR NATION. Only complete FOOLS think that this helps the economy or the people effected by it. This helps the financial sectors and the worst elements of it, nothing more. Obama OWES THESE PEOPLE. That’s why he supported and voted for the bailout. His support of the bailout IS HIS BAILOUT from "change."–as if he actually ever intended it.

As for 7 and 8, it’s all over the news. Find the facts for yourself. Obama said he would increase military spending and has made NUMEROUS statements about having the military come from all of the people–i.e., a draft. Mark my words, NEOPHYTES. You are inexperienced!
Finally, the point is not that McCain also voted for the bailout—but rather that Obama is supposedly the change candidate, and yet he supports more, much more, of the same. He’s a complete hypocrite and yes, I will NOT vote for the fraud.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the biggest reason for the mortgage credit crisis, that’s why this incriminates Obama.
Here’s proof of his plans to increase military spending:

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