Is this woman committing welfare fraud or is it technically a loophole?

I absolutely despise the kind of person who abuses welfare by popping out children just to collect checks or is too lazy to find work…..
I was at work today when this young lady came in with three of her loud nasty friends. I have never seen any of them in my life. One of the girls approached me, pulled out a piece of paper and told me she needed me to sign it. she wouldn’t look me in the eye, she didn’t explain anything and just expected me to sign it with no questions asked.

to receive welfare, one must show proof that they did try looking for a job. They have to collect signatures of employers, indicating the welfare recipient did come in to fill out a job app and was unsuccessful in getting the position… (the woman didn’t inquire if we were hiring or for an application. she just handed me a paper and told NOT ASKED me to sign it.) of course i didn’t sign it, i just looked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language.

obviously this woman is a real piece of work, but is this considered welfare fraud or is it technically a loophole? how would you have handled the situation?

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