Isn’t Congress underhandedly pushing amnesty for illegal aliens in her AgJOBS amendment?

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to attach an amnesty amendment to the Iraq supplemental spending bill. It provides a 5-year visa for up to 1.35 million illegal agriculture workers—but the cap of 1.35 million does’t count spouse & kids, bringing the total amnesty to about 3 million.

The illegal alien would have to show he was illegally employed in agriculture for a total of less than 22 weeks during a four-year period!

Once an illegal alien met minimal qualifications, he would be entitled to:

Bring his spouse & kids here, or legalize their status, if they are already here illegally;

Official U.S. government identification documents, including valid social security number—with which he would be able to apply for a driver’s license—and a work permit (spouses would be allowed to apply for work permits, as well); and

Immunity from prosecution for committing social security fraud if he had been working illegally with a false or stolen social security number.
This is the scam being pushed by Diane Feinstein.

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