Leasing Agreement (Commercial Property) California: Wrong Square Footage?

My parents had a lease for 20 plus years. The landlord sold the property so we needed to renew the lease. We then found out by the new landlord that the square footage has been overstated for many years by the previous landlord. What can I do?
From that point we have spoken to a lawyer or lawyers. I have taken business law and supreme court law, so I know some of the basics. One of the lawyers said, "We might be fined because a judge in arbitration would not take this case and judges fine the complain-tiffs for wasting his time."
To my understanding, arbitration is not an official judicial proceeding (and cases are only brought here to be under the radar, mainly from corporations trying to protect their name and trying to settle a legal dispute) and only in Supreme Court, do the judges fine cases that are not in violation of the Constitution. Just by knowing that, it seems that the lawyers we have been talking to are just trying to deter us from filing a lawsuit. He also pointed out, since it’s been so long, there is a statute of limitations and the judge will ask why we didn’t bring this to the court’s attention earlier. But again, to my understanding, there is common faith. Lessor must state square footage and in it is not the leasee’s responsibility. Nor did we even think that there was going to be an issue for square footage. I have been reading some cases in other states, and landlords can even be charged with fraud.
Can anyone give me advice if I have a viable case? How and where can I find a good lawyer? What is the statute of limitations?
I have been googling it and found some common law, but that’s in Oklahoma and I cannot find anything on statute of limitations regarding this type of issue. I just want my parents to get their money back that they deserve. It is not right for people who are more fortunate to get away with doing this. It’s ethically wrong.
Please Help!!!!
Well, the reason why I am asking is because I took business law 101. And the things the lawyers said doesn’t make sense with laws I’ve read or what I have been taught nor common laws that I have studied. I am a student, not an expert. i agree, somewhat to post, but judges in arbitration aren’t real judges and it’s not an official judicial process. He says judges in arbitration will not waste their time and can fine us. Realistically, judges in arbitration aren’t real judges. They are just retired lawyers who try to dispute issues informally (that’s business law 101). Hence, they cannot fine us, and their ruling is not even official and both parties do not have to following his ruling. It’s not binding.
So, if things that he said has no validity to begin with, I question everything that he has said. That’s why I’m asking advice from ppl who have some sort of legal background.
p.s. The Oklahoma Surpeme Court recently ruled that square footage is a material fact and that a BUYER can REL

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