I’ve been here before but here is the deal… My aunt Donna provided me her credit card number over a text message to buy some new DJ equipment which was like 00 maybe? With that amount she said I could pay a month.. Well I used her credit card which there was a total of 2 she provided and I used them at Vista Print to get company tee-shirts and company cards which on her Discover Card came to be like 8 or so total and on her Visa Card I ordered 9 in tee-shirts that they did send to me but she said her Visa says they denied the charges could be because she told her Visa Card company she did not OK the charges and that I think it was in the fraud dept. She wanted me to pay the full 8 that she was no aware of up front and gave me like a week or so to do it and today 11-4-2011 is the due date.. Well I told her I could not come up with the full 0 that was a lot for someone to come up with that fast… So she said 0 up front the other 0 within a month and then to continue the a month payment for the other… I got the 0 but I’m not sure if I should do this or I have a local lawyer that I can see for and get some real legal advice because I’m so stressed out here it’s not even funny.. The reason I’m worried about spending the 0 is that she still has told the Fraud dept on one credit card she did not OK it.. So even if I pay her the 0 could I still be in trouble with them? The one credit card company? I have a contract wrote up for my aunt to sign before I hand her the money saying she will keep it out of court but she says it’s not all up to her it’s up to the bank… Should I just tell her I’d prefer to see a lawyer before I do anything? And go see the lawyer? Should I just give her the 0? She says that if I don’t give her the 0 today she will deny all charges on her credit card not the 00 I don’t think but the 8 but if one credit card company has been told it’s fraud then what’s another one? I think a lawyer is a smart idea but I don’t know? I know it’s wrong that I went over by 8 it was a stupid mistake and TRUST ME I’ve learned and will NEVER EVER do it again… So please don’t tell me that I’m a bad person I feel bad enough already.. I just want to make it right… Could I go to Jail over this? I mean there was no contract signed saying I could spend a certain amount… And I did not steal her card she gave me her credit card information over a text… I just went over some.. And a lot of the stuff I received was delivered to her house not mine… Not the Vista Print stuff but the other.. And they signed for it.. What will the credit card company fraud dept do? What could my Aunt do? What should I do? It don’t have she meaning my aunt is kinda a nasty person and I don’t trust her at all… HELP PLEASE!!!! THANKS!!

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