legal advice needed please x?

right about 14 years ago now my mum divorced her second husband because he cheated on her with loads of women. when they got the divorce mum took half of everything he had, which ended up being 70% of the house in agreement she wouldnt take any of his money.
in january 2000 my mum got beat up off her new husband and ended up brain damaged but didnt die until july 2006

but her second husband sold her house which he only owen 30% of in march 2000 before she was dead! before we even knew if she was going to be coming home or not. aparently he got someone to sign something in my mums name saying that he could sell the house. so this is fraud right?

mum couldnt of signed it because she was severly brain damaged.
me and my brothers are taking him to court to get the money for the house and get him done for fraud, we are getting a good lawer and the corriner who is still dealing with my mums death case is on our side.

what are the chances of us succeeding?
will he get done for fraud and have to cough up the money he pocketed and bought himself a flash car and a house with! that was mums money and he spent it!

tell me what you think x
im in the uk btw x
do u mean prove it wasnt hers? she couldnt have signed it, medical records would prove that. she couldnt eat walk or talk never mind sign something x

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