Legal consequences for medicaid fraud and food stamp fraud in Arkansas?

I just heard through the family that my cousin is guilty of food stamp fraud and medicaid fraud… it’s a long story and there’s no doubt he and his wife are guilty.. they recieved a call from the Dept of Human Services Investigation Division, and admitted everything… and are willing to cooperate. But, I’m trying to help them by letting them know what consequences they may face… It’s been about 2 years of obtaining food stamp benefits and AR Kids first benefits on one or both children stating the father was not living in the home, when he has been.

I know it’s wrong.. and have told them so.. they are prepared to face whatever comes for their choices, but I’d like help with information regarding what the consequences might be and possible sources.
awwww… thanks everyone for your advice… I’ve advised them to get their selves into see an attorney ASAP and see what they are looking at… silly choices with big implications.. 🙁 haha.. my internet at home is all messed up.. I’m at work tonight trying to figure out some of this stuff for them.

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