medicaid fraud? asked for letter of termination from health insurance?

My husband pays a good amount in child support and is required to provide health insurance for his son that lives in California. Since my husband can only get insurance for himself through his company, he pays for our families independent health insurance. My name is on as the policy holder. I switched health insurance back in January 2011.
My questions is, I was contacted by his ex just now about having my old health insurance termination letter sent to her so she can get her son approved for a medicaid cares program to get him mentally evaluated. She says the only way to get him aprroved for free help is to have the termination letter from my old insurance because she can’t afford to have him seen with my current health insurance. I don’t understand why she would need a letter from 8 months ago to get him approved when she has my current insurance.. Is there a reason why medicaid would want a letter that long ago to have him approved? Would that be considered medicaid fraud if we are providing health insurance and she doesn’t want to use it?
I know I have really crappy insurance because I’m in school right now working on getting my degree but I feel like we are wasting quite a bit of money a year for insurance on him if she has him on a medicaid program. I pay what the insurance doesn’t pay for my daughter to see her doctor and I just go without anything extra that month.
My step-son is on my insurance and will continue to stay on my insurance despite the fact that I feel he shouldn’t be on medicaid if we’re spending money on health insurance for him because it’s in the child support order and I don’t want my husband to be in trouble for not keeping to the order.
Has anyone heard of the medicaid cares program in california? I googled it and can’t find any information about this program..

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