Medical costs…Would this work…and if not, why not?

Why not forget private or public insurance for the regular everyday medical costs that we all should be incurring? Things like screening for certain illnesses or conditions, doctors office visits, x rays, etc. and use the private OR public insurance program ONLY for catastrophic illnesses.

People of all income groups would be charged for services based on their income. It is what is called a sliding fee scale. Same thing for insurance company premiums. Based on a sliding fee scale.

This would give equal access to every person in the country, whether on unemployment, working or on welfare. The fees charged by doctors and hospitals could be based on a percentage of their gross income. The rich would pay more obviously..but then they can afford to pay more. But the point is, the poor will also have to pay their fair share…based on their income. It might be set up for example that someone earning less than 15000 a year would pay for a doctors office call and on the other end, the person with an income of over 0000 would pay 0 for the same type of call. Forget the government need to be involved in our health care entirely except to cover people for catastrophic illnesses…and that can be done by each state based on their own costs. Doing things this way would save billions of dollars a year in what we are now paying for government to have their finger in the pot (Medicare and Medicaid) and would also at least partially eliminate fraud.

Do you think something like this would work? If not, why not?

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