Medical ID theft in another state….will the police really do anything to help me? Any other advice?

I’m in Texas, and used to be a resident of Michigan. I moved in 2003. I found out today that someone used my information (my maiden name, date of birth, social security number) to receive medical services at 2 different facilities for their child in 2006 in Michigan. I have not been back to Michigan at all since 2003, nor is this even my child, so this is definitely not me.

I spent the last couple hours doing whatever I can do right now – called the credit bureau and put a fraud alert on my file, filled out a dispute, contacted the medical facilities and left a message, and contacted the police departments in each county that this occurred. I’m concerned this person is going to try to use my information again or just simply get away with it.

Is there anything else I can do to ensure that something is actually followed through and looked into? I’m in Texas so doing this from far away is an obstacle as well….not to mention that I’ve heard of people having bad experience with this type of thing and saying the police didn’t really care.

This person went to 2 different hospitals on 2 different days and had their child seen. The child was the patient supposedly. The collection agency received the bill from the hospital with MY information, meaning I was listed as the responsible party….and they had my personal private information such as my DOB and SSN. So this means this person took their kid to the hospital, and wrote down my information as the billing responsibility. This couldn’t possibly be an administrative error as these hospitals are an hour from each other, and I’ve never received services at either of them.

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