medical law & ethics (please help)

3) you’re interning as a medical office assistant for a small medical practice. One day while the doctor & nurse are absent, a male patient comes into the office without an appointment & asks to see the doctor.Before you can respond, he collapses on the floor & dies.Later the patient’s estate sues you, the nurse, & the doctor.As a medical office assistant,
A) you would’t be held accountable as a witness to the mans death
B) you would’t be held to the same standard of care as the doctor or nurse
C) you need to determine whether the doctor or nurse were guilty of negligence toward the patient
D) your duty was to hide or destroy any incriminating records
I THINK IT’S A OR B Please help

5) a principal-agent relationship is created when a person
A) promises to turn an agreement into a lawful contract
B) is entrusted to take care of another person
C) works under the control & direction of another person
D) doesn’t understand the consequences of entering into a contract
Negligence is the failure to exercise, with an absence of _______, that degree of care that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
A) fraud C) malice
B) intent D) conscience

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