Michelle Bachmann Used to be a IRS Tax Govt. Lawyer. Family has Received Millions in Govt Subsides.?

First of all , I believe Bachmann’s husband is a christian extremist fool . Our Tax Dollars going to Support his " Pray the Gay away " Sessions Which a new private undercover gay group used a medicare option on therapy sessions on " Praying the gay out them" . This is exactly the reason Medicare / Medicaid is in trouble right now, These " Clinics" Are based on Zero Facts. How can her family get away with this much fraud? First all the Bachmann Family has received Millions of dollars in US Subsidies for farming, Not to Mention she has probably received Hundreds of thousands of dollars for her 20 Foster Children. My sister has 2 foster kids and gets nearly 3k a month for them. She used to work for the IRS as a Tax Lawyer, IE Govt. Lawyer who pressed charges against people who were behind on their taxes. Her husband is running an AntiGay clinch !!???? And this is a Pro Business Anti / Govt. Person? Looks like a large portion of her Income is from the Govt. Why does she hate it so much? Shouldn’t she be thankful there are gay people who bring her husband Business?

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