Must law abiding, tax payers take the law into their own hands to deal with illegals?

ICE refuses to investigate (much less detain/prosecute), the "illegal" immigrant I married on a Fiance Visa she LIED to obtain! One that she was not eligible to have in the first place (Moral Turpitude aka Child Abuser). Since her arrival here she has committed at LEAST five other Felonies (documented), but still no investigations or prosecutions for these crimes. Now broke from her stealing everything not nailed down, I may soon be evicted for her destruction of my finances as well (mail fraud).
Once she realized I had no more money to steal, she moved out after 9 days of marriage, to start sleeping with my brother! This affair was kept secret by both my mother and sister while she pretended to be working on reconciling with me!! She is now married to my brother!

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